Our Story

AB Racing was created because we felt there was a need for innovative solutions to solve problems within the radio controlled community. We have a no compromise approach to our products and want to deliver the best possible solution at all costs. With a background in mechanical engineering, we look at implementing this knowledge into all of our products.

| Our Approach

We are based in Australia and we aim to keep the majority of our components and products either sourced or manufactured locally. For some components this isn't possible and in that case we aim to use the highest quality components that we can. 

| Design

We aim to create innovative products and utilise computer aided design (CAD) and simulation software within this such as CFD to optimise our designs. Throughout the design process numerous prototypes are created and tested so that we can ensure we have created the best product we can.

| Manufacturing

All of our products are CNC machined in house from aerospace grades of aluminium. We commonly use 6061-T6 aluminium, but also use 7075-T6 aluminium for components where structural strength and rigidity is critical. Again we have a no compromise approach when it comes to our products and aim to use the highest grade of materials to manufacture our components.