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Schumacher CAT L1 Receiver Mount

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The AB Racing Schumacher CAT L1 Receiver Mount is a CNC milled carbon fibre receiver mount option for your CAT L1. The clever mount attaches directly to the chassis for easy removal and to reduce the CG. The carbon fibre receiver mount is lightweight and provides a secure mounting point for the receiver to be mounted to with adhesive tape.


  • Fits Schumacher CAT L1
  • Easy removal of receiver for cleaning and maintenance 
  • Access to the spur and pinion gear with the removal of one screw
  • Directly mounted to chassis for low CG


  • (1) 2mm CNC Milled carbon fibre plate
  • (1) M3x8mm 304 Stainless steel countersunk screw
  • (1) M3x6mm 304 Stainless steel countersunk screw
  • (1) M3 304 Stainless steel nylon locknut


  • Weight: 3 grams
  • Materials: Carbon fibre
  • Manufactoring Process: CNC Milled
  • Manufactured in Australia