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XRAY XB4'20 Stainless Steel Top Screw Kit

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The AB Racing stainless steel screw kit is designed to replace the stock screws on your car. Stainless steel offers great corrosion resistance against the environment due to the chromium contained in the steel. Whether it's at the track or on the bench, the stainless steel screws will outlast standard steel screws in harsh conditions.


  • Corrosion resistance from environmental factors.
  • Chromium in the steel prevents rust.
  • Excellent protection against dirt and grime at the track.


Button Head Screws:

  • M3x4mm (1)
  • M3x6mm (8)
  • M3x8mm (16)
  • M3x10mm (25)
  • M3x12mm (11)
  • M3x14mm (2)
  • M3x16mm (2)
  • M3x18mm (1)

Countersunk Screws:

  • M3x8mm (4)
  • M3x12mm (8)


  • Weight:  
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Made in Australia